House Hunting Story on Seattle Dog Spot

It’s that time of month again: my new blog post is up on Seattle Dog Spot.  This month, I wrote about house hunting with a  senior dog and the difficulties we had especially here in Seattle where a lot of homes sit high up on hills.  Nevertheless though, we found the perfect home and we’re so excited both dogs will now have a yard to run and play in!

New backyard!

New backyard!

We have a HOUSE!

It’s finally official: Alex closed on a house last week in Seattle’s Mt. Baker neighborhood and we move in at the end of the month!  It’s a charming 1912 house and we can’t wait to start renovations and make it our own.  With it’s two decks, lots of space and a yard, we couldn’t be happier or more excited!  It’s been in the making for over five weeks and my parents were able to see it this past weekend when they were visiting.  That meant so much to me and I’m so happy they got to see it.  It’s going to take some work to make it shine so be on the lookout for updates and before and after photos.  Alex will be starting his own blog about the process so I’ll share that when he gets it up and going.  Seattle is even moreso our home now and we can’t wait to get to work!



Let the House Hunting Begin

When Alex and I first got the word we were moving to Seattle, we only had about two weeks to find a place to live.  We scoured Craigslist and finally found a place and took it site un-seen.  Lucky for us, it has worked out great for the past year, but we’re ready to move.  Into a house that is.

We already know we’re going to be here for a number of years and are anxious to find a single-family home and settle in and make it our own.  It hasn’t been easy though over the past couple of months.  The Seattle real-estate market is crazy with houses being snatched up in just two or three days.  When you find one you want, you have to jump on it because chances are, five other people will too.

We consider ourselves pretty easy house hunters though: we don’t have a laundry list of must-haves as our biggest considerations are just price and location.  We’re also looking for a fixer-upper, no new construction for us.  We want to put sweat equity into our house and be able to say, yeah, we re-fisnished those hardwood floors and painted the entire place ourselves.  But that’s just the start of it.  We want to be able to turn a 100-year-old house into a modern oasis in the city and bring it back to life.  That’s the fun of house buying for us.

We’ve been doing our research and even attended a home buying class recently.  We know all about pre-inspections, escalator clauses and the “love letter” you write to the home sellers.  We are in a multi-offer environment here so anything we can do to sweeten the deal, we do.  Just how crazy is it: one house we put a bid on had nine other offers and went for 115% OVER asking price.  Sometimes you just can’t compete with more money.

Nevertheless though, we aren’t getting our hopes up.  It’s not like we have to move by any certain time; we’re able to renew our lease in our apartment if need be.  But we are anxious and would much rather move into a house in the coming weeks, than live another six months in an apartment.  So we keep on trekking and know that the right house will come up at just the right time.

Back to School

One of the perks Alex gets at UW is being able to take courses for free.  Yeah, I know, I am totally jealous too!  He signed up for Real Estate Law, which should actually come in handy with his condos in Chicago, so armed with his giant text-book, tonight he was off to his first class.

I’m not just jealous that he gets to take classes for me, but also at the fact that he’s going to school.  I am a nerd in the sense that sitting in a classroom suits me and I honestly look forward to going to class.  Maybe one day I’ll go back myself…

When he got home tonight he chatted about the first night, how the professor wa sa bit dry, but that it was pretty interesting and at the fact that he already has homework! I have a feeling that it will take some getting use to being back in school and having papers and homework to do, but hey, he doesn’t need a good grade since he’s just taking it for fun!

I’m excited for him to be a part of the school atmosphere again; I think he’s going to really enjoy his class and good for him for taking advantage of the free tuition!  That doesn’t come around every day!