House Hunting Story on Seattle Dog Spot

It’s that time of month again: my new blog post is up on Seattle Dog Spot.  This month, I wrote about house hunting with a  senior dog and the difficulties we had especially here in Seattle where a lot of homes sit high up on hills.  Nevertheless though, we found the perfect home and we’re so excited both dogs will now have a yard to run and play in!

New backyard!

New backyard!

Blake is now a painting!

I can’t believe the amazing customer service offers!  Not only did I receive a hand-written thank you card after my first order, but now they send me this awesome painting of Blake as a thank you for mentioning them on Seattle Dog Spot!  I have never had such a great experience with any other company before; they rock!  After my first seamless order with them, I knew they were the place to buy all my pet-related items and now I’m even more convinced.  Be sure to check them out!



All the Comforts at Home

For my July post at Seattle Dog Spot, I chose to write about the various things I’ve done for Blake at home to make his senior years for comfortable.  Hope my ideas inspire you to make changes for your aging dogs too!  It’s been a great first year here in Seattle with Blake and I’m happy that he’s been enjoying himself too.  I like to think it’s the little things that make his daily life better and surely a homemade orthopedic dog bed doesn’t hurt either!  I’d love to hear what you’ve done to add a little comfort to your senior dogs environments.


Blake’s big, comfy orthopedic bed I made him.

One year anniversary

Wow!  I can’t believe that it’s been a year today since Alex and I moved out here.  It has gone by so fast.  One this day last year, we pulled up in front of our apartment, met the neighbors upstairs and introduced them to the dogs.  Unpacked the car and ate Pagliaccis’ pizza for dinner, which we also had tonight as well to celebrate our anniversary!  It’s been a roller coaster of a ride, but an exciting one at that and we are so happy to be here in the Northwest.  Who knew that we would ever have moved out here, but we’re here and loving every minute of it.  Alex’s job at UW is going great and mine at Youth in Focus is too.  We are still house hunting to find the perfect place to settle in at and the dogs are better than ever.  We’ve made some good friends over the past year and are looking forward to many more.  Thanks, Seattle, for being the change we wanted and a great place to live!  Here’s my blog post from this day last year.  It’s been fun to re-read about our adventures.

Nutrition and Supplements for Aging Dogs

Here it is, my new column post for this month on Seattle Dog Spot.  It’s been great writing for this super helpful dog website for the past three months.  Not only do I get to keep up with my writing, but I am also doing it on a topic I really enjoy: my dog, Blake!  Hope it’s helpful for some folks out there.

Blake and Leo eating dinner.

Too Much Time…

Too much time has passed since I’ve updated!  Below is a little recap of Seattle life and what’s new on the West Coast.

  • Youth in Focus is going wonderful!  I can’t believe it’s been almost three months since I’ve started here.  I love my work, my co-workers, the students…just about everything!
  • I am still writing a monthly column, The Senior Dog Files, for Seattle Dog Spot.  Here is my most recent post about choosing boarding or a dog walker for your senior pooch.
  • Alex has a new co-woker that moved to Seattle from Illinois too with his girlfriend and two dogs.  We’ve enjoyed getting to know them and swapping dog stories!
  • Summer is HERE and we are so excited to hit the hiking trials, taking long dog walks, picnics ad everything in between!  Lets hope it just keeps getting better!

Well, that’s just a short recap of life these days.  I will be back to regularly updating with new pictures and posts starting this week.  I need to get back in the writing-blog habit!


New Column Post Today

Check out my April post on Seattle Dog Spot.  This month I wrote about taking long distance car rides with senior dogs.  Blake’s longest ride before us moving out here had only been about five hours.  Nevertheless though, he made it in the car from Chicago to Seattle!  I hope the article gives readers some good tips about taking long rides with senior dogs; even they too like to stick their noses out the windows!

6-Month Mark

I can’t believe it but today marks out sixth month out here in Seattle.  It has gone by so fast!  This time back in July we were pulling up to our new apartment, dogs in tow, and realizing that we were now Seattleites.  We were worried about how we were going to get the U-Haul up the huge hill by our house, we discovered that the dogs actually could stand to be around each other, and that summer in the Northwest could very well be perfect.  Seattle has treated us well these past six months; now we can’t wait for the next.  Bring on 2013!