Nutrition and Supplements for Aging Dogs

Here it is, my new column post for this month on Seattle Dog Spot.  It’s been great writing for this super helpful dog website for the past three months.  Not only do I get to keep up with my writing, but I am also doing it on a topic I really enjoy: my dog, Blake!  Hope it’s helpful for some folks out there.

Blake and Leo eating dinner.

The Senior Dog Files

This month marked my first monthly column for Seattle DogSpot , a local blog that caters to everything dog-related in the Seattle area.  I first began reading the site when we moved out here and were looking for dog-friendly apartments and neighborhoods.  It was a great resource to use and offered a lot of information.  Now, I’ll be writing a monthly post about caring for Blake, my 13-year-old Airedale/Irish Wolfhound mix.  Topics will range from moving across country with an elderly dog, to changing their diet to a senior-formula and everything in between.  I hope it’s a good resource for folks with aging dogs to get first-hand accounts of trials and errors.  Check out the first post, here.

Me and Blake