Too Much Time…

Too much time has passed since I’ve updated!  Below is a little recap of Seattle life and what’s new on the West Coast.

  • Youth in Focus is going wonderful!  I can’t believe it’s been almost three months since I’ve started here.  I love my work, my co-workers, the students…just about everything!
  • I am still writing a monthly column, The Senior Dog Files, for Seattle Dog Spot.  Here is my most recent post about choosing boarding or a dog walker for your senior pooch.
  • Alex has a new co-woker that moved to Seattle from Illinois too with his girlfriend and two dogs.  We’ve enjoyed getting to know them and swapping dog stories!
  • Summer is HERE and we are so excited to hit the hiking trials, taking long dog walks, picnics ad everything in between!  Lets hope it just keeps getting better!

Well, that’s just a short recap of life these days.  I will be back to regularly updating with new pictures and posts starting this week.  I need to get back in the writing-blog habit!



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