The Senior Dog Files

This month marked my first monthly column for Seattle DogSpot , a local blog that caters to everything dog-related in the Seattle area.  I first began reading the site when we moved out here and were looking for dog-friendly apartments and neighborhoods.  It was a great resource to use and offered a lot of information.  Now, I’ll be writing a monthly post about caring for Blake, my 13-year-old Airedale/Irish Wolfhound mix.  Topics will range from moving across country with an elderly dog, to changing their diet to a senior-formula and everything in between.  I hope it’s a good resource for folks with aging dogs to get first-hand accounts of trials and errors.  Check out the first post, here.

Me and Blake

And a New Career Chapter Begins

It was a whirlwind the past two weeks, work-related anyways.  I applied for a new job on a Wednesday, go in for my first interview the following Monday, have a follow-up on Tuesday, was offered the position Wednesday and had my first day in the office on Thursday.  Whew!  I think that seriously was the fastest I’ve ever gotten a job before!

I’ve started a new career chapter at Youth in Focus; a Seattle nonprofit that provides photography workshops for at-risk youths, empowering them to express themselves through the lens of a camera.  I could not be more excited about this new opportunity to engage Seattle’s young people through such a great craft.  Although the organization is small (I’m one of three staff members!) there is great amount of support from the teaching artists, interns and Board of Directors.  I feel so lucky to have found YIF and am looking forward to the future there!