Powerful Voices

Way back in the fall, I applied for an Adult Ally position at the nonprofit, Powerful Voices and have now been in the program for about three weeks.  PV is a girl empowerment organization and Adult Allies is part of their ActiveVistas program.  As an AA,  I am paired with a young girl (an ActiveVista) and together we design and plan for a workshop the youth will lead at the Girlvolution Conference in April, an all-girl, all-youth led conference focusing on social justice issues and what we, as a community, can do.

I wanted to be a part of this program as a way to learn more about Seattle’s young people, the challenges they face and how I could be a part of social change with them.  To say that the program has been fun these past few weeks would be an understatement: it’s has been amazing and we are still in the first month!

I wanted the chance to work with a young person, in a educational setting, as well, to give me a better idea if that kind of work is what I want to pursue in the future.  And thus far, I haven’t been scared away.  It is both energizing and eye-opening at the same time, having discussions, sharing ideas and listening to the prospectives of so many others.  I leave every Thursday excited for the next week and that’s a good feeling.

I am so happy I took a chance and applied for the AA position.  Not only am I finally in an environment I feel I belong in, but I have made friends with the other AA’s as well as staff at PV.  So far, it has just been a great experience!  I will update more in the coming weeks.



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