The Joy of Lemons

I love lemon desserts.  And lime desserts.  But I never really make anything.  But when Alex had a gathering at work and needed to bring the sweets, he asked me to bake lemon bars!  I was excited to finally have a reason to make them (but do you really need a reason?!) and found this great recipe for creamy lemon crumb squares from who else, but The Pioneer Woman.

They were super easy to make and only needed a handful of ingredients, most of which we already had at home.  However, when I took them out of the own, they were still a bit wiggly and I fought with myself about putting them in for longer.  But Alex, as always, said to trust the recipe so I did and popped them in the fridge to chill.  After a couple of hours in the cold, they had solidified some and the custard-like filling was perfect!

The next day, Alex took them to work and he said everyone fell in love!  So happy I didn’t cook them any longer or they may have burned.  And sorry, no picture this time; they didn’t last long!


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