King County Metro Rant

I was so happy that Seattle had a public transit system.  I’m just not ready to own a car yet so having buses to take to and from work are needed for me right now.  Granted, Chicago was much bigger and had a larger transit system, but I never thought that I would experience such rudeness by the bus drivers here as I have been lately.

Like today, the driver made a woman throw out her coffee because there is a rule of no food or drink on the bus.  A few stops later, another person gets on with coffee and the driver doesn’t make her throw it out.

On a few occasions, folks who had difficulty reading the bus number haven’t been let off their previous bus at the precise location needed to get on their next one.  I have waited with people making sure they were standing in the right place so the driver knows they need to get on.

Another driver refused to let a man on in a wheelchair stating the bus was too packed.  Granted it was, but I didn’t appreciate that the driver then allowed 5 other people on the bus once the gentleman moved away with his wheelchair.

My first bus stop is a break spot for the drivers.  I get it: they want to take a minute for themselves.  But when its pitch black outside and freezing, what is it going to do to your break time if you just let the riders on the bus rather than sitting there reading a magazine with the door shut?

Whew, I have had that all on my chest for awhile!  I haven’t had all bad luck with bus drivers, but the majority of them have been less than pleasant.  Maybe when my commute gets shorter things will get better, but for now I’m just happy I have public transit even if the drivers seem to hate their jobs.


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