Who Needs Paula or Colonel Sanders?

We did it.  We attempted home-made fried chicken and made it perfectly.  Alex had it in his mind that he wanted to make it after reading a Bon Appetit article about it.  We got the supplies from three different grocery stores.  The cast iron skillet was the hardest to locate, but finally did.  We had the cooling rack and the tongs.  The buttermilk, flour and spices.  We were ready.  He followed the recipe to a tee (see link above for the one we used) and it turned out amazing.  The chicken was cooked wonderfully (thanks to our meat and candy thermometer we bought).  The outside was golden, crispy and so good.  I was very impressed with his frying techniques.  And considering we have to buy the biggest thing of peanut oil ever, I’m sure we will try some other fried goodies soon.  But for now, check out the photos below of our first fried chicken.


It's waiting...

It’s waiting…


The dredging process.

The dredging process.


The frying process

The frying process


The cooling process

The cooling process


Eating! Chicken, home-made mashed potatoes and spinach.

Eating! Chicken, home-made mashed potatoes & spinach.



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