Fall Baking

I think I’ve fallen in love.  With pumpkin that is.  Over the past month I’ve made quite a few pumpkin dishes.  I wish they were around all year.  Baking with fresh pumpkin is the best.

I made some simple pumpkin cookies.  Had a huge mishap with pumpkin bread though; same exact thing happened last year: I forget to shuck the seeds before mixing them in.  As Alex said: I don’t think that recipe is for me.  I did a different cookie batch and added in oatmeal; super tasty.  And last night I did an apple butter and fresh pumpkin pie.  Yum!  The apple butter gave is a nice sweetness.  Over Thanksgiving Alex’s sister made a pork and pumpkin stew which was amazing!  I want to try pumpkin and sage ravioli next.

Since the days are shorter now and the grey starts to set in around 3pm, I’ve enjoyed baking more and getting use out of my tangerine KitchenAid!  Alex is pretty lucky!  Haha!

Apple butter and fresh pumpkin pie

Apple butter and fresh pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving in San Francisco

Alex and I headed to his sister’s in San Francisco for our second Thanksgiving there.  It was a great time seeing his nephews as even just a year makes a huge difference with them!  The weather was perfect too so we spent a lot of time outside in the sun taking walks with the boys and exploring the city when Alex and I had some down time.  We love SF and hope to end up there one day in the future.  Until then though, we are so happy to be on the “left” coast and closer to his nephews; it’ll be fun watching them grow up and making more frequent visits.

Homemade Chinese dumplings and chicken soup

Love the buildings in SF

It’s Been Too Long…

The end of October and now November was a bit cramped for us.  Lets see what all we have been up too:

1) The Central Cinema for dinner, drinks and Halloween double-feature.

2) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center; we had no idea they did so much!

3) Tulalip Resort Casino; we won our dinner back!

4) Took my first attempt and homemade red curry; success!

5) My friend from high school got married back home in St. Louis last weekend; so good to see her and celebrate with everyone.

Now for some pictures…!

Red Curry with Peppers and Bamboo

The Wedding!


Gates’ Foundation