Seattle has a Restaurant Week?!

Alex and I took part in Chicago’s Restaurant Week only one time while we were there, but we were (or mostly I was!) super excited to find out that Seattle had one too!

Restaurant Week is a great way to try new places on the cheap: a three-course dinner is around $30 which isn’t bad.  We opted to out out Tilth this year, a cozy place inside an old house.  The menu:

1) Squash soup and sweet corn flan

2) Seared tuna and chicken confit

3) Pumpkin panna cotta and brown butter cake

Everything was so good!  RW was a nice way to try it out and see what the place was all about.  Check out some of the pictures below!

Chicken confit

Squash soup

Seared tuna

Portland Getaway

One of my oldest and closest friends who I met way back during my first year in Chicago has now moved from the Bay Area to Portland.  And what better time for Alex and I to visit her and the city but for her birthday!

We left late on Friday night after we both got off work and drove the short, three hours south.  We took both dogs with us; yup, we gave them some sleepy-time medicine and they were out the entire way.  Friday night we just stayed in and let the dogs romp around the hotel room.  Residence Inns are perfect with their separate bedrooms and living room areas.

Saturday boasted no rain, only grey skies but the temperate was great.  After discovering that my friend, Victoria, didn’t know there was an official Portland Saturday Market and went to another one, Alex and I roamed around the outdoor market ourselves for awhile.  We found some awesome local honey with the honey comb still inside and snagged it up to take back home with us.  I also found a fun chalkboard for Victoria’s birthday gift.

We ventured around, past the market and found our way to Powell’s Books which turned out to be an awesome bookstore.  It was much bigger than we thought, but we had a good time scoping out the shelves and rare book room.  After that, we walked back through what we though would be a bustling Chinatown but were disappointed: there were no shops, no small restaurants; it was pretty much deserted.  After that let down, we continued walking around and eventually made our way back to the hotel.

Food Truck Pods

Later that night, we finally met up with Victoria for her birthday dinner at Pambiche.  It was a great, little Cuban spot and we had ended up having a pretty good meal.  Afterwards, we headed to the Laurelhurst Theatre where, for $4 bucks you could see a semi-new movie and then take advantage of the pizza, drinks and snacks.  They even had tables in the theater so you didn’t have to hold your slice or drink.  After a night of food and movie, we said our goodbyes and heading back to the hotel.  It was so good to see Victoria!  We joke now that we are in the same time zone again!  Can’t wait to have her visit Seattle!

Sunday, we made a pit stop on our way home to Voo Doo Doughnut.  We had seen it on The Food Network and were curious what the hype was all about.  After waiting about 30 minutes in line, we made our way into the funky storefront and ordered up a dozen of their prized doughnuts.  We got our pink box, filled with odd concoctions such as maple bacon, easy peesy lemon, old dirty bastard and voo doo doll, hopped in the car and started home.  I sat with those delicious doughnuts on my lap the whole way home, but we couldn’t wait and had one on the drive!  It was amazing!

Easy Peesy Lemon & Voo Doo Doll

Pink Box!

Portland was a fun weekend get away for us; it’s so close that we can’t wait to go back!  Pacific northwest, we love you!


YNPN here!

In Chicago, I was on the board of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network.  I got busy with work and life (moving out here) and really couldn’t commit as much as I wanted.  However, I’m happy to report that the Puget Sound-Seattle Chapter is kind of starting from the beginning now and I’m happy to be on board with it!  After our first meeting tonight, I’m feeling pretty good about things and I’m looking forward to meeting new people in my field.  So happy to have found a chapter here!

Salmon Days

One really awesome thing about having moved to Seattle is that we get to experience all this great outdoor stuff.  From hiking to kayaking and now to salmon days!

Issaquah’s Salmon Days were this weekend and the weather could not have been nicer.  It was warm enough to wear a sleeveless top outside; who would have thought that for Seattle in October!  Our first stop at the fest: smoked salmon.  It was delicious; Alex ended up buying some pepper and Cajun flavored ones.  After munching on that for a bit, we headed over to the salmon hatchery and checked out the salmon that were swimming around.  We never would have gotten to do that back in Chicago!  But, one of our favorite events of the day were watching the dock dogs!  All they want to do is catch stuff and swim!  It wasn’t exactly what we expected to see, but it was still fun watching the pups.

Dock Dogs



Soup Weather

Fall is upon us and that means it’s soup weather!  I am determined to make soups, chowder, anything for a bowl this year and my first attempt: tomato and basil.

I found a simple recipe for my first stab at the dish; I didn’t want something too fancy, but then again, how fancy can tomato soup really be.  Of course, also, we had to have a grilled cheese with it.  So we opted for sourdough bread and Havarti; a perfect combination.

The soup didn’t take long to prep or make at all, and the final touch: adding the cream made all the difference.  The soup came out amazing for my first try; smooth and creamy and was the perfect companion to the crispy grilled cheese.

Now it’s onto the next soupy-adventure!

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese