Back to School

One of the perks Alex gets at UW is being able to take courses for free.  Yeah, I know, I am totally jealous too!  He signed up for Real Estate Law, which should actually come in handy with his condos in Chicago, so armed with his giant text-book, tonight he was off to his first class.

I’m not just jealous that he gets to take classes for me, but also at the fact that he’s going to school.  I am a nerd in the sense that sitting in a classroom suits me and I honestly look forward to going to class.  Maybe one day I’ll go back myself…

When he got home tonight he chatted about the first night, how the professor wa sa bit dry, but that it was pretty interesting and at the fact that he already has homework! I have a feeling that it will take some getting use to being back in school and having papers and homework to do, but hey, he doesn’t need a good grade since he’s just taking it for fun!

I’m excited for him to be a part of the school atmosphere again; I think he’s going to really enjoy his class and good for him for taking advantage of the free tuition!  That doesn’t come around every day!


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