Pho and Bahn Mi

This week, I had bahn mi three times and pho once.  I think Alex and I are becoming a bit obsessed with Vietnamese food, but that’s perfectly fine!  Bahn mi is so cheap and loaded with veggies and meat; our favorite being bbq pork.  The the pho, ah it’s amazing with it’s simple broth and brisket.  And Seattle has no shortages of restaurants serving up these dishes.  We had bahn mi at Siagon Deli and pho at Pho Bac; both of which were awesome.  We also tried New Siagon Deli and Pho Viet Ahn.  Over the last few days we just couldn’t get enough!  And tonight, we were still craving Asian so we headed over to the Autumn Moon and Night Market Festival in the International District to get some more.  Although it was a bit underwhelming (there were more people there than vendors and food) we still drank fresh coconut milk and shared a moon cake.  Afterwards we headed to our go-to Chinese spot, Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant.  The beef chow fun and chicken with veggies over rice are seriously amazing!  We love living here for the simple fact that Seattle has some pretty awesome Asian foods.  We got lucky here!


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