Food Trucks and State Fair

Today was an action-packed Saturday.  We had heard that Seattle had some great food trucks but had yet to try one, so when we heard of the Mobile Food Truck Rodeo, we knew we had to go.  We got there and the trucks were all spaced out which made it easy to get around and navigate the various bites.  We first tried fried catfish and fries from Jemil’s Big Easy and were blown away.  The fish was battered in crunchy cornmeal and the dipping sauce was perfect.  We promised that we would try to fry catfish sometime soon.  We then headed over for a grilled cheese at the Grilled Cheese Experience.  It had cheese; it had bacon; it had avocado.  It was amazing, especially on toasted parmesan bread.  Yum!  Our last truck stop was at Street Donutsfor some serious mini donuts.  We got chocolate and cinnamon and devoured them immediately; so good!

Mini donuts from Street Donuts

After we ate out way through the fest, we headed home for a break before going out to the Puyallup State Fair.  Our few objectives: eat something fried, see farm animals and play a game.  We managed to do all three: we had a deep fried Snickers (heaven on a stick but oh so bad!), saw milk and angus cows, rabbits and pigs, and paid $5 for 10 tickets and won me a stuffed fish.

The fair was defiantely a good time and a great place to people watch.  I remembered when I would go to the Illinois State Fair when I was younger.  Tonight was just as fun: playing games and eating nothing but sweets and fried goodies.  We had a good time.

Look at how big!


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