Our First Visitors!

This Labor Day weekend was great; we had our first visitors to our new place here in Seattle: Alex’s sister and brother-in-law.  Arriving later in the night this past Friday, we headed over to Brouwer’s in Fremont.  Alex and I loved this place a few weeks back and so did they.  The beer selection is just awesome!

They weren’t just in tow to see us though; Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival was this weekend too which was the perfect excuse for them to come up from San Fran.  Before we headed over to the grounds though, on Saturday we had a good breakfast at 5 Spot on the top of Queen Anne and then took Leo on a walk about Discovery Park.  He loved getting outside, but by the later afternoon, we were ready to head over to the concerts.

The grounds were close to our place and we scored parking nearby which was great.  Over the next couple of days, we heard some great new acts: The Heavy, THEEsatisfaction,  Ana Tijoux and The Helio Sequence.

When we wanted a break from all the music and crowds of people, we decided to take them to Mt. Si and were determined to finish it this time.  We were nervous though: we thought it was going to take the whole day.  But, to our surprise, we were up and down in four hours!  They wanted to take Leo with them, so by the time he got all the way down the mountain, he was wore out, but he loved the hike too.

On top of Mt. Si

It was a great weekend with them and we can’t wait to have them up again!  And our other friends in other places: you’re welcome to come anytime too!


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