Italian Fest

One thing that Seattle definitely has over Chicago is that their festivals are FREE!  In Chicago, we would usually fork over $10 bucks or so just to get into the darn thing.  And then add-on drinks and food and whatever else there may be and you’re looking at a heft price tag for an afternoon out.  But alas, Seattle doesn’t very much believe in charging for entrance at festivals which we are taking full advantage of.

Today, we headed over to Italian Fest where we indulged in some great food and of a course an Italian soda (blood orange and peach are amazing together!).  We looked at fancy Italian cars that we will probably never be able to afford and strolled around enjoying the music and weather.

Until the weather gets bad or when all the fests dissolve for the season, I know we will continue to take advantage of the free admission.  Thank you Seattle!

Back to School

One of the perks Alex gets at UW is being able to take courses for free.  Yeah, I know, I am totally jealous too!  He signed up for Real Estate Law, which should actually come in handy with his condos in Chicago, so armed with his giant text-book, tonight he was off to his first class.

I’m not just jealous that he gets to take classes for me, but also at the fact that he’s going to school.  I am a nerd in the sense that sitting in a classroom suits me and I honestly look forward to going to class.  Maybe one day I’ll go back myself…

When he got home tonight he chatted about the first night, how the professor wa sa bit dry, but that it was pretty interesting and at the fact that he already has homework! I have a feeling that it will take some getting use to being back in school and having papers and homework to do, but hey, he doesn’t need a good grade since he’s just taking it for fun!

I’m excited for him to be a part of the school atmosphere again; I think he’s going to really enjoy his class and good for him for taking advantage of the free tuition!  That doesn’t come around every day!

Pho and Bahn Mi

This week, I had bahn mi three times and pho once.  I think Alex and I are becoming a bit obsessed with Vietnamese food, but that’s perfectly fine!  Bahn mi is so cheap and loaded with veggies and meat; our favorite being bbq pork.  The the pho, ah it’s amazing with it’s simple broth and brisket.  And Seattle has no shortages of restaurants serving up these dishes.  We had bahn mi at Siagon Deli and pho at Pho Bac; both of which were awesome.  We also tried New Siagon Deli and Pho Viet Ahn.  Over the last few days we just couldn’t get enough!  And tonight, we were still craving Asian so we headed over to the Autumn Moon and Night Market Festival in the International District to get some more.  Although it was a bit underwhelming (there were more people there than vendors and food) we still drank fresh coconut milk and shared a moon cake.  Afterwards we headed to our go-to Chinese spot, Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant.  The beef chow fun and chicken with veggies over rice are seriously amazing!  We love living here for the simple fact that Seattle has some pretty awesome Asian foods.  We got lucky here!


We finally did it: we went kayaking.  We’ve been talking about it since before we even got here and we finally did it.  We headed over to Green Lake (we needed to start small) and rented a two-person kayak and made our way around the lake.  It was so much fun!  After some more small bodies of water, we want to eventually go out to Lake Washington and the Sound.  We will when we get that good, but in the meantime, it’ll be fun learning!

Food Trucks and State Fair

Today was an action-packed Saturday.  We had heard that Seattle had some great food trucks but had yet to try one, so when we heard of the Mobile Food Truck Rodeo, we knew we had to go.  We got there and the trucks were all spaced out which made it easy to get around and navigate the various bites.  We first tried fried catfish and fries from Jemil’s Big Easy and were blown away.  The fish was battered in crunchy cornmeal and the dipping sauce was perfect.  We promised that we would try to fry catfish sometime soon.  We then headed over for a grilled cheese at the Grilled Cheese Experience.  It had cheese; it had bacon; it had avocado.  It was amazing, especially on toasted parmesan bread.  Yum!  Our last truck stop was at Street Donutsfor some serious mini donuts.  We got chocolate and cinnamon and devoured them immediately; so good!

Mini donuts from Street Donuts

After we ate out way through the fest, we headed home for a break before going out to the Puyallup State Fair.  Our few objectives: eat something fried, see farm animals and play a game.  We managed to do all three: we had a deep fried Snickers (heaven on a stick but oh so bad!), saw milk and angus cows, rabbits and pigs, and paid $5 for 10 tickets and won me a stuffed fish.

The fair was defiantely a good time and a great place to people watch.  I remembered when I would go to the Illinois State Fair when I was younger.  Tonight was just as fun: playing games and eating nothing but sweets and fried goodies.  We had a good time.

Look at how big!

Lake Washington Tour

As we agreed, today we got outside and opted for a Lake Washington tour which was pretty cool.  The weather was perfect and we had great views from the boat.  We started off in Lake Union and made our way through various water channels (some I hadn’t even heard yet) until we reached Lake Washington.  We got to see the various house boat communities which were pretty cool and of course, the Gates’ compound!  It was a well-spent couple of hours; check out pictures, below.


Graffiti from the start of rowing season


Food boat selling hotdogs

Bill and Melinda Gates’ home; all hidden by trees!




Shopping and More Shopping

This week was great at the new job.  I am falling into my position rather nicely and am grabbing it by the horns.  However, I definitely needed some new attire for the office so today was all about shopping and improving my closet.  The weather here has been a bit wacky so we’re still wearing tees and summery-stuff, but everyone keeps warning us that this isn’t normal and that the grey and cooler temps will be starting.  We are taking full advantage though of this unusual weather though!

We could only shop for so long though and after getting some much-needed items, we call it a day.  Since the weather was so nice out this afternoon and is supposed to be again tomorrow, we agree to not spend it indoors, but rather get outside for a while.  There’s still so much we haven’t explored yet!

Our First Visitors!

This Labor Day weekend was great; we had our first visitors to our new place here in Seattle: Alex’s sister and brother-in-law.  Arriving later in the night this past Friday, we headed over to Brouwer’s in Fremont.  Alex and I loved this place a few weeks back and so did they.  The beer selection is just awesome!

They weren’t just in tow to see us though; Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival was this weekend too which was the perfect excuse for them to come up from San Fran.  Before we headed over to the grounds though, on Saturday we had a good breakfast at 5 Spot on the top of Queen Anne and then took Leo on a walk about Discovery Park.  He loved getting outside, but by the later afternoon, we were ready to head over to the concerts.

The grounds were close to our place and we scored parking nearby which was great.  Over the next couple of days, we heard some great new acts: The Heavy, THEEsatisfaction,  Ana Tijoux and The Helio Sequence.

When we wanted a break from all the music and crowds of people, we decided to take them to Mt. Si and were determined to finish it this time.  We were nervous though: we thought it was going to take the whole day.  But, to our surprise, we were up and down in four hours!  They wanted to take Leo with them, so by the time he got all the way down the mountain, he was wore out, but he loved the hike too.

On top of Mt. Si

It was a great weekend with them and we can’t wait to have them up again!  And our other friends in other places: you’re welcome to come anytime too!