We Love Our Pitbulls

When we first moved here, I made sure to find out about the area’s pit bull and animal organizations to see how we could get involved like we were back in Chicago.  Today, we went to our first event, Pitbulls on Parade, sponsored by Bullseye Dog Rescue.  It was great to get outside and enjoy the weather and see some of our favorite dogs.  It was a good afternoon and we loved seeing all the pitties enjoying themselves!  We talked to some reps from the Seattle Animal Shelter and hope to get involved with them in the coming months.  They are located super close to our place, so it would be silly not too.

After our day with the dogs, we headed over to Cougar Mountain for a small hike.  The weather was just so nice out today that we had to stay out as much as we could.   We broke in our new hiking boots and boy do they make a difference!  We’re so happy to have finally got some and aren’t wearing just sneakers our on our hikes anymore.

For dinner, we decided to try some seafood, so made reservations at Ray’s.

When we got there, they were packed and the sun was still shining, making the place feel warm and cozy.  We had a prawn cocktail, shrimp and crab cakes and fish and chips.  Everything was prefect!  Much better than some of the seafood we’ve had before.  After dinner, we walked around the dock some and enjoyed the sunset over the Sound.

Shrimp and Crab Cakes

Fish and Chips


We just never had anything like that back in Midwest and want to soak it all in.  The night ended with us going to Menchie’s for some amazing frozen yogurt.  You gotta love those places where you can pick your own flavor and toppings and pay based on weight!

Certainly a good Saturday.


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