Our First Sail on the Sound!

When we first moved here, I signed us up for a free night of sailing on the Puget Sound with the Seattle Sailing Club.  We were so excited to get an email earlier this week that we had been selected for the trip this Friday!  We arrived at the Shilshole Marinaaround 6pm and were ushered to our boat.  However, due to cancellations, we ended up on another one with three other sailors who were just as excited as we were to be showing newcomers the sport.


The night was perfect: clear skies and not too cold.  We had no idea what to expect though and when we saw the small sailboat we were getting on, we were a bit surprised.  Nevertheless, we boarded, after being shown just how to get on a sailboat, put on our life jackets and sat back.  The guys who were with us, all members of the Seattle Sailing Club, were super nice and eager to show us the ropes; literally.  They started naming off all the parts of the boat while Alex and I looked at them, wide-eyed and a bit confused, but completely interested in what they were telling us.  We set off on the Sound and got a perfect view of Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountain Range.


Soon after our sail got under way, the guys said that they were going to participate in the sailboat race that was going on this evening.  We knew there were races, but we didn’t know we would be a part of them!  Alex and I took our positions; he was on the back of the boat  (the stern) and I stood in the pit; the small area underneath the boat.  We just enjoyed the water and scenery around us while the guys trucked along in the race.  We didn’t really understand what was going on with it, but it was cool to be a part of it.

The sail last a couple of hours (longer than we had expected) and afterwards, we were hooked.  We knew that we needed to learn some kind of water sport and take advantage of all the Northwest had to offer.  It was a perfect first introductions to sailing and we can’t wait to learn more!


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