Grillin’ Salmon

We haven’t ventured into grilling fish for a couple of weeks so tonight we decided to get some beautiful salmon fillets and fire up the grill.  Alex enjoys fish, but not as much as I do, but he was happy to try something new and did a pretty good job at it too being the first time he’s grilled salmon.


The dogs love when he gets the grill out and ready too; they wander out onto the deck and sniff around, waiting patiently in hopes that he will drop them a little something.  It was a nice night out, so we enjoyed sitting out of the deck while the fish was cooking for a bit.  The outdoor space is the highlight of the apartment.  Wherever we end up, we both agree that we need some kind of outdoor space, and next time it will hopefully be a yard!

The salmon finally got done and we were so surprised at how good it looked and tasted!  We grab our beers and enjoyed our very Northwest dinner; we love this part of living here.


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