Blackberries, Kiwi and Figs–Oh My!

On our hikes and my walks around the neighborhood, I’ve been noticing quite an abundance of wild blackberries.  I finally decided to grab my bowl and go pick some.  I ended up with about six cups worth and they are amazing!  They grow right along the side of the

Blackberry bush

road and sidewalks and are just now getting perfectly plump and wonderful.  They have inspired me to find some blackberry recipes; I’ll post pictures this week of my plates!

Another surprise when I was out berry-picking, I discovered that we are also living next door to a giant kiwi plant AND multiple fig trees!  Who knew!  The fruits aren’t very easy to get too, but when they get more ripe and are ready to be picked, I’m bound and determined to venture into this over-grown lot and get some.  How could I let perfectly good fruit go unused?

Blackberries and kiwi



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