Tiger Mountain

Today was the perfect day for another hike.  Last week, Alex got some hiking boots (mine don’t get here until Monday) so he wanted to get out and give them a try.  The West Tiger #3 Summit at Tiger Mountain sounded like a good bet as it wasn’t as easy as Discovery Park but not as difficult as Mt. Si.  So we made the 30 minute drive and found ourselves at the bottom and made our way up.  It was a bit more difficult that we had anticipated with a steady, upward climb pretty much the entire way.  However, we kept at it through rocky pathways only wide enough for one or two people to larger walkways more steep than rocky.  When we reached the top, it was somewhat of a letdown as the views were obstructed by great pine trees all around.  Nevertheless though, we were excited that we made it to the top and took a little break before heading back down.  It was only about two hours up and a little less going down, so definitely not as long of a trip as Mt. Si (we estimate that it will be about six or seven hours round trip for that one when we do it again in a couple of weeks).  We love getting out and doing these hikes on the weekends.  They are a great way to see more the state and to get in some exercise at the same time.  Can’t wait for more!



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