Friday’s Are My Favorite

Ah, it’s Friday.  I have made a routine for myself on this day: wake up, take care of the dogs, start laundry, clean the apartment and then venture out for a coffee if I have a bit of time before Alex gets home.  It’s nice to have a routine; especially with not working right now.  I really enjoy having specified things to do during the day.  But Fridays, with the cleaning and laundry, that’s actually one of ym favorite days of the week.

After my weekly doings, I made my way back to the Ballard neighborhood and shopped around some looking for a special something for a friend.  I finally found a couple of things I was looking for and settled in at Ballard Coffee Works.  After enjoying what was one of

Strawberry Shortcake; we already ate Red Velvet!

the best iced coffees I’ve ever had, I saved a few minutes before the bus came to hop over to Cupcake Royale to get us a little treat for after dinner tonight.  When I walked in, I was taken back by all the varieties they had and asked the guy working what was one of his favorites.  “Oh, the strawberry shortcake,” he said.  I was sold.  I got that as well as a timeless red velvet.

Later on, when Alex got home from work, we sat out on the deck, had a couple of beers and hung with the dogs.  We were craving Yakisoba noodles with veggies, so we made our way inside and I started on dinner; which we didn’t end up eating until 9pm or so!  But it was some of the best noodles we’ve made!

Good night to kick off the weekend.  It’s suppose to be really nice out, so we plan to get outside as much as we can tomorrow and Sunday.  Can’t wait!


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