Downtown Seattle

My monthly bus pass is finally working, so I’m getting out a lot more and exploring.  Today I ventured on the #1 to downtown to walk around and see how it was.  It definitely wasn’t as busy as Chicago, but there were lots of shops and cafes all over which was nice.  I made my way down to Pike Place again to finally get my flowers.  Can you believe this bouquet was only $5? I’m in love!  I did a bit of shopping at my usual shops and just tried to learn my way around.  The buildings are much smaller and not as tall as those in the Loop so I didn’t feel as closed in as I did at times in Chicago.  Oh and finally the downtown area was actually on a semi-grind system!  I could finally find my way back and fourth much easier than our neighbor, Queen Anne, and the others we’ve been around.  This was a pleasant surprise and much appreciated.  Being downtown reminded me that I am a city-girl at heart.  Although I had been in Chicago for six years already, I’m still not ready to give that up yet.  I’m happy to say Alex isn’t either!  There’s so much energy in a city, be it in the downtown or in the neighborhoods; we love it!  I’m looking forward to learning more of the downtown area and making my way around to different parts during the day.  The adventure here in the Northwest is still going!



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