The Stair-Master from Hell!

We really wanted to get outside today, so we headed over to Mt. Si for a nice hike.  Alex did some research and we got super excited that this would be an actual hike; no paved roads that claim to be hikes.  We drove the short hour or so it was to get there and the parking lot was pretty full.  We had read that it can get busy on the weekends, but the 8-mile round-trip excursion was a bit busier than we had anticipated.  We started on the hike up and soon discovered that we probably wouldn’t make it all the way up and back down today.  Mt. Si was kicking our butt!  As someone from another blog coined it: Mt. Si is the stair-master from hell and it surely was!   But we can’t wait to go back next weekend and do the whole thing.  This time though, we are going to get there much earlier in the morning and pack a little lunch to snack on for when we do get to the top.  We are loving this outdoor stuff!

Huge pine trees!


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