One Month

Today is the one-month mark of Alex and I leaving Chicago and making the journey out here.  I can’t believe that it’s already been a month; it’s gone by so fast.  Five days of driving, then about two weeks to move in and explore before he started his new job.  Things may have moved fast, but it was totally worth it and we are both so happy to be out here.  I still think back though to a little over a month ago when Alex told me he got the job and that we were moving out here…in two weeks…and can’t believe we actually did it.  It was a huge move, nothing that we were ever expecting to do, at least not right now, but we did it.  We took a huge risk on Seattle and ended our lives in Chicago to start a new one out here and it couldn’t have been a better decision.

Coal Creek waterfall

Switching gears here…today we spent the afternoon hiking the Coal Creek Trailwith Leo and had a blast.  It wasn’t too easy, but not too difficult and actually in the woods which was a nice change from the last place we went too.  Leo had a great time sniffing around and romping through the grass trees.  The weather was perfect for the mini hike: low to mid 60s.  Only took a couple of hours, but it was great to get outside.

When we got home, we decided that we would take the plunge and finally grill fresh fish, something we have always talked about but have never actually done.  We got some fresh halibut and a spice rub and after doing a bit of research, Alex was ready to fire up the grill.  We weren’t sure how it would do on the grill grates itself, but the first test fillet turned out wonderful!  We were so excited that it didn’t burn and that it actually tasted pretty good!  We decided that there was no need for foil this time around, so Alex got the other fillets ready and grilled them up.  So tasty!  Fresh seafood: just another reason to love the Pacific Northwest!


All ready to go!





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