Exploring the UW

Today I made my second venture on the bus to check out the UW and have lunch with Alex.  When I finally made it to the university grounds, I was blown away at how big it was.  The city of Chicago was my “college town” which I loved, but the huge, ornate buildings at UW were beautiful and a totally different college experience.  Alex and I walked around some; he showed me the library which, by the way, was pretty cool and then walked along The Ave to find a place for lunch.

The Ave is the stretch of University Way NE near UW that has multiple shops, cafes, restaurants and everything in between.  It wasn’t like Lincoln Park or Division Street in Chicago; it was a different type of mix of places to stop in when lingering along the sidewalks.  The crowd ranged in age from the younger undergrad students to older adults who lived and worked nearby.  It definitely had an energy about it that wasn’t like any neighborhood or stretch of street I felt in Chicago.  I’m really looking forward to going back and trying some of the other restaurants and cafes soon.

I hung out at Tully’s after our lunch until Alex got off work and indulged in a blueberry Italian soda; whip cream and everything.  It was simply delish!  Tonight we walked up to Queen Anne with Leo and got a few groceries.  It was quite the walk, but certainly a good workout.  I’m happy that I now have my transit pass and can hop on the bus and explore the city more.  I can’t wait to see more and it makes the days go by faster…until that wonderful job comes along!


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