First Job Interview

Today I had my first job interview at a non-profit here in Seattle.  It was about an hour commute on two buses, but it was a good time for me to see more the city.  I went through downtown and the international district and my final stop was in south Seattle.  I finally made it there and was impressed with the office space.  I’ll admit that I was pretty nervous about the interview.  I mean, it’s always nerve-wracking when you go on your first one in quite awhile.  However, I think it went well but we will see.  Wish me luck!

Later tonight Alex and I hit the gym again.  I don’t think we will be getting a membership there though.  Although it’s close enough for me to walk to when I am home during the day, once I do get a job, I won’t be needing something within walking distance.  We are going to shop around and see what other places are out there.

Tomorrow, I’m going to meet Alex for lunch at the UW.  I’m excited to see where he works and the massive campus!  Thankfully there’s a bus that goes near his building so I can get there pretty easily.  Yay for transit!


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