The Locks and Uwajimaya

Finally the weekend is here and after numerous hours at coffee shops applying for work, I am ready to get out and see what else is around us here in Seattle.   I had read online that the Ballard Locks were pretty cool to check  out so we headed over there the Ballard Bridge to see what they were all about.  Chicago didn’t have any sort of locks system, at least none that I knew of or had visited so this was all super new to us.   There were quite a few people there and right when we showed up, there were boats lining up to go through the locks from the salt water of Puget Sound into the fresh of Lake Washington and Lake Union.  It was pretty cool and just made us wish we had a boat.  Maybe one day!    Ya know, where you grow up and live really shapes what you   know and learn.  Being from the Midwest, we never had lots of boats around or the opportunities to learn to sail.  But here in Seattle, all these boats were filled with families and kids, all of whom have probably grown up around the water.  Alex and I are excited to embark on that aspect of the Northwest and get into water activities.

After the locks, we heading over the the Asian market, Uwajimaya and had a great time exploring all the foods.  This place was like an Asian Whole Foods with small restaurants and everything!  We had lunch before we started our shopping trip and then started our stroll through the aisles.  I had so much fun looking at all the different snacks and treats and picked out a few I wanted to try when I got home: chocolate Yan Yan, Shirakiku frozen soft drink, hot wasabi green peas and Ramune.  While shopping we also got the fix’ins for Yakisoba noodles which we are going to make for dinner tomorrow night.  Can’t wait!


When we got home after shopping, our neighbors popped over for dinner with their new dog, Chewy, who they adopted from the local humane society.  Him and Leo had some good times playing with each other; I think Leo was happy to have someone his own age around for once!  We had a good time chatting with them while enjoying burgers and beers.  All in all, it was a pretty good Saturday!





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