It’s Friday and that means Sushi!

Alex had a great first week of work and we need to celebrate.  The whole reason for us moving to Seattle was for his job, so after a successful first week, we decided to go out and finally try some local sushi.  We choose O’Shan Sushi and loved it!   We shared an Asahi beer and filled ourselves with some of the best sushi we’ve had in quite a while.  The servers were super nice and made us feel welcomed.  Although the place was small and we had a bit of a wait, it was definitely worth it and we are looking forward to going back.

I’m so happy that Alex had a good first week at the UW.  After the grueling two weeks in Chicago packing and moving and then driving five days (although the adventures on the road were great!) we are finally here and he’s start off on his next chapter with work.  I can’t wait until I settle in and my place in Seattle and know it’ll come soon enough.  Northwest, we are happy to now call you home!


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