Bruce Lee, Seafood Fest and Pike Place

Over the past few days, Alex and I have been getting out and enjoying the weather and learning our way around.

We saw Bruce and Brandon Lee’s grave-sites which was pretty cool.

Bruce and Brandon Lee

We ventured down to Pike Place and took in all the sights and sounds.  We enjoyed lunch outside at Pike Place Chowder.  The market was pretty awesome; I couldn’t believe all the flower stands and the fresh fish.  We plan to go back every couple of weeks to scope out the produce to snatch up.

We made our way to our first Seattle festival: the Ballard Seafood Fest.  And guess what!  It was FREE to get in!  No fests in Chicago were hardly ever free.  We enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and enjoyed a snazzy fish taco.

Our neighbors had suggested burgers and shakes at Red Mill so one night we went there for dinner and were not disappointed.  The buns were crispy on the edges and when you bit into the burger, the cheese was perfectly melted.  Yum!  I had a truffle-mint shake which was pretty damn good too.  We can’t wait to go back!

Alex starts his job in a couple of days so we are happy to have gotten out to these places to explore the city more.  Looking forward to more!

Pike Place.


The first Starbucks.


Burgers at Red Mill.






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