Settling In

It’s been a few long days, but we are finally getting settled in.  It’s out first Monday here in Seattle; this time next week Alex will be heading off to his new job at UW.  While he has this week off, we are going to try to get as much stuff done: license plates, driver’s license, exploring the neighborhoods, etc.  Learn our way around mostly.

One of the best things that’s happened so far though, is that the dogs are getting along!  Our first night here last week, we put Leo in his crate in one bedroom and Blake in the other bedroom with the door closed.  When we got home and walked past the windows we saw that the crate was empty and Blake’s bedroom door was opened.  Scared that it would be a mess inside, we held our breath as we opened the door.  Thankfully though, they were just standing around looking at us.  My mom said it was for the best that they met each other when we weren’t around.  I’m not so sure about that, but I’m happy it happened.  Now they are able to walk around and be with each other which makes things easier for us.  We do love our buddies!

They love each other; sort of!


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