I was dreading today.  I really REALLY did not want to drive to U-Haul, unload our U-Boxes, fill up the truck…blah blah blah.  But it had to get done and at least I did want to get it done as soon a possible.

All of our stuff is in there!

When we finally got the truck all filled, we drove it back to the apartment.  These streets here suck so far just FYI.  Coming from Chicago where the city is pretty much a perfect grid, Seattle’s roads have no rhyme or rhythm to them; at least that we can see as of yet.  And poor Alex driving that big U-Haul; I know he is tired of being behind the wheel these days.   When we got to the apartment, we just started unloading and unloading and unloading.  Alex left after awhile to go return the truck before rush hour and I kept working on bringing the boxes inside.  I finally couldn’t do anymore as the ones left were all super heavy, so I sat outside and waited for him to return. It was another 10 hour day for us, but we got everything inside the apartment and realized that a lot of stuff, we just wouldn’t be able to unpack.  The unit is nice, but there’s not a ton of room so the second bedroom, also the one Blakie sleeps in, will have to be storage for us.  Oh well, we are still super happy to have a place to call home here in Seattle and can’t wait to get everything unpacked and settled in.


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