First Holiday in Seattle

Today we made our first trip to Target to get some essentials for the apartment.  We got spoiled in Chicago being only a five minute drive from Target, but now we are about 15-20 minutes away.  Still, it’s not bad but we had gotten spoiled.  Tonight we hung out with our neighbors and their friends.  We are happy to have met them so soon after we got here; we are eager to go out with folks and learn more about the city from those who’ve been here.  We even had a prime fireworks-watching spot just across the street from our house. They were being shot over Lake Union and our neighbors kept their radio on in the garage turned up so we could hear the music that was playing along with them.  Not always the best choice in tunes, but it was pretty cool.

For our first holiday here in Seattle, we had a good time.  We are so excited to finally be here and get settled in.  Now, we just have to get our stuff here tomorrow.


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