We finally made it!

Today is the day: we finally made it to Seattle!  We were lucky enough to have gotten the approval on an apartment we found on Craigslist just before we left so no need to sleep in a hotel tonight; we have our own place to go too!  We talked to the owner on the phone a couple of days ago and she told us where the lock box and key were for the unit.  When we found it, we rushed inside and thankfully the place was just like the pictures and video she sent us.  We were really nervous about taking a place site-unseen, but we are so happy we did; the stress of having to find an apartment as soon as we got here would have been horrible.  But tonight, we busted out the air mattress and enjoyed our new apartment.

Our beautiful private deck; look at those trees!

We also met the couple that lives upstairs; they were really nice and suggested a pizza place nearby for dinner, Pagliacci.  They also invited us over for July 4th tomorrow night to meet their friends, have some food and a couple of beers.  We are excited for that.  Anyways, back to this pizza for a second: it was amazing!  We were never fans of the Chicago-style pizza so this thin crust delight was perfect for us.  We already can’t wait to go back!

Well, the five day drive is now behind us and we just have one more big hurdle before we are finally settled in: getting our U-Boxes full of stuff to the apartment.  We are going to do that on Friday, after the 4th.  I hope it goes fast and smooth.


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