Beartooth Pass and Yellowstone

Today has been the best day yet, as far as driving goes, anyways.  Alex found us our route to drive through Beartooth Pass which was absolutly amazing.

Day 4 July 2

Stay night in Missoula, MT at Doubletree Hilton Missoula (100 Madison, Missoula, Montana, 59802)

It was a breathtaking experience.  We drove up and over these incredible mountain ranges, holding our breath until we reached the top.  It was perfect.  It was also rather terrifying looking over the edge at the fall below.  However, we made it all the way to the top and winded our way back done all in one piece.

Look at those mountains!

This is actually the second mountain pass we drove through, but the first wasn’t on purpose.  The Loveland Pass was horribly worse and gave both of us white knuckles.  We only had to take it because some giant truck filled with chemicals overturned on the one highway that led to the skitown we were heading too.  It was a four-hour nightmare going on that pass, but we made it, thanks to Alex’s trusty driving.

Ah, but the Beartooth was much more peaceful and inviting and more refreshing than Loveland.  We would totally drive that again in a heartbeat.

After we made our way through Beartooth, we thought we would get right back on the highway and and be on our way.  Turns out though, that in order to get on that highway, we actually had to drive about an hour or so through Yellowstone.  We weren’t expecting to get to do that so it was a nice surprise.  I got really excited when we came across a heard of buffalo!  All in all, the drive was pretty cool and we were happy we did get to drive through some of Yellowstone.

Tonight, we are at the Hilton; not the ideal set up for the dogs, but it works.  Tomorrow we have another long hour day of driving, but it’s our last day!  This time tomorrow night we will be in Seattle!  Wish us luck!


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