An All-American Kind of Day

Today I went to my first national landmark that I actually remember learning about in school: Mount Rushmore.

Day 3 July 1

Stay night in Billings, MT (Residence Inn Billings, 956 South 25th Street West 8 Billings, MT 59102)

The drive to the monument was pretty uneventful as it wasn’t too far from the crappy Holiday Inn we stayed at last night.  Note to self: Town ‘n Country’s are not the best hotels in the world.  As we drove, we kept seeing signs for the park:

“30 minute visit for the experience of a lifetime.”

Was it really going to be that breathtaking?

Mt. Rushmore

When we arrive we agreed that it was going to be a short trip since we have the dogs in the car so we made our way out to the monument, snapped some pictures and headed back to the car.  The billboards were right about one thing: it was only a 30 minute trip.  Nevertheless though, it was pretty cool to see those giant faces I recalled being on the cover of my middle school history book in real life.

After the park, we decided to check out Bear Country USA which we had also been racked in my billboards.  When we got to the front desk we discovered that it wasn’t actually $16 per vehicle, but $16 per adult.  While pretty annoyed at the price, we still paid and began our journey through the park.

It’s just as they advertise: a drive through wildlife park, but there wasn’t much to see up until we got to where all the bears were.  It was feeding time so they all came running out, around the cars and speeding past each other to get their lunch.  Not the best use of a couple of hours, but it did give us another fun story to talk about.

Today was a good day; we are about half way done with our driving and only have two more days until we are finally there.  Tonight we are in another Residence Inn and it’s perfect for the dogs.  We both know we’re going to have a good night’s sleep.  And we have too: after finding out tonight that Yellowstone was just going to be too much in the amount of time we had, we decided to try our luck at driving along Beartooth Pass.  We better be rested for this one in the morning!


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