The Badlands

Ah, today was simply amazing!  We drove through The Badlands National Park and it took our breath away!

Day 2 June 30

Stay night in Rapid City, SD (Best Western Town ‘N Country, 2505 Mount Rushmore Road S Highway 16, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701)

Our hotel tonight is a stark contrast that the Residence Inn we had last night; however, our drive today made it all worth it.  Six hours on the road wasn’t too much and The Badlands were beautiful!

I think now it’s setting in more that Alex and I will soon be making a life in Seattle.  I was thinking about that today while on the road.  It’s going to be much different living together, in a new city and exploring our new surroundings.  Although neither of us are sure what will happen, we are both in it for the long run and are ready for the new possibilities.  Now, bring on Mt. Rushmore tomorrow!


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