This Really Sucks

This week is a mixture of pretty crappy and super exciting.  As we are gearing up to leave on Friday for our five-day trip to Seattle, I’m having to say goodbye to one of my co-workers turned good friends.

NYE ’12

We’ve had some great times together this past year and I’m really going to miss that.  I haven’t had a ton of close girlfriends over the years, so this time around I’m really bummed to be leaving one so soon. 

Diane and I decided that we needed a couple of girl’s night this week before I left so our first one took place on Monday.  It was half-off bottles on wine at this place near my apartment so it was the perfect fit for two gals needing a drink.  Diane is the wine person between the two of us so I let her choose.  We drank down the red over dinner, tears and laughs and agreed: no more silly sappiness.

Back at my apartment, we sat Indian style in my living room and shared another bottle of wine while she went through bags and boxes of items that I didn’t have the room for to take with me.  It was Christmas in June.

It was a good night for us, but man, this really sucks, this saying goodbye thing.




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