A Penske Truck and a U-Box

Today is the day: we loaded a Penske truck with all of our belongings and filled up a U-Box (random side note: driving a Penske truck to a U-Haul facility is quite awkward).

We both have dogs, an American Bulldog mix and an Airedale Irish Wolfhound mix, so we decided that shipping our things to Seattle from Chicago and making the 35 hour drive in our car would be the best route to take, especially with our buds in tow.  With this, the U-Box became our best friend and our worse enemy all in the same day.

Between reserving the freight elevator in my building and taking multiple trips down a long hall in his (oh, and we can’t forget driving the Penske truck into an EL train post), it was a long 10 hour day for us.  But we made it.

I was a bit taken back though at seeing my entire life in the back of a Penske truck.  My belongings, those that have been with me for the past six years didn’t take up much room.  It was rather refreshing, though, knowing that I didn’t have a lot.  I was moving across the country after-all and space was a precious commodity.   Alex felt the same way, especially looking at his empty condo and realizing that he too was leaving his Chicago life behind.

Whether you live in a condo, studio apartment or a mansion, when all of your possessions are scattered about, in their places and tucked away into closets, you really don’t think about them.  Sure, you use the coffeepot every morning and lay in the same bed every night, but you never really see your stuff.  At least I didn’t; until they were piled into a Penske.

That’s my entire life right there.

Seeing all of our boxes and furniture loaded into the U-Boxes, though was a different experience.  It made our move more real.  That was it; once those boxes were filled and locked, our things were scheduled for shipment to Seattle.  Today was when it hit me the most: we were actually doing this — and I couldn’t wait.

He was so happy it fit inside the truck.


U-Box #1

U-Box #2


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