Two Week’s Notice

Alex and I gave our current jobs our two-week’s notice today.  He told me over a Yahoo Instant Message that I needed to do it today because he wanted to leave on June 30.  That was earlier this morning and my boss was in meetings all day until our 4pm.  When I finally caught her before we met with our co-worker, I couldn’t stop shaking.  I loved where I worked, who I worked with and the mission of the organization.  But Seattle was now calling my name.

After talking to my supervisor, I finally got the chance to tell my good friend/co-worker the news.

“What’s wrong with you?,” she asked, “Are you leaving BUILD or something?”  She was laughing, but I wasn’t.

We had only worked together for a year, but we had grown close and I was really sad to be leaving her.

“Actually, I am,” I said, stumbling over the words.

We both started crying a bit as I told her my and Alex’s plan to move to Seattle.  We vowed that we would spend as much time together over the next two week’s as we could and she promised to come out to visit.

Who knew giving your two week’s notice would be this hard.


One thought on “Two Week’s Notice

  1. As someone who’s given his 2 weeks notice a fair number of times I can say it never gets easy. But, it’s always good as you will be moving on to a new chapter. Enjoy.

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